I just walked in the door from book club, which, as always, was so much fun. Half of our book club is pregnant, and I made the observation tonight there’s a direct correlation between the dessert selection and number of preggos. I guess we’ve replaced wine with sugar. Tonight we had brownies, macarons/macaroons, these awesome peanut butter-pretzel- Heath bar cookies that Allison made:

And I got the chance to test out a cupcake recipe I pinned a while back: Neapolitan Cupcakes.

It’s brownie batter topped with strawberry cake batter, baked and then iced with vanilla (or I used cream cheese) frosting. The original recipe is here, but you substitute strawberry cake mix for the white mix.

Cross-section of deliciousness:

The recipe says that it makes 48 cupcakes, but I was scraping the bowl to eek out 16. Not sure what’s up with that. But they only take about 15 minutes to assemble. Along with the cream cheese frosting, I topped mine with these AMAZING Dutch chocolate sprinkles that my friend Kira gave me:

Brian and I were cracking up at the box, like, “Haha! Who the hell puts sprinkles on bread?”

Okay, I get it now. They are insane. I was eating sprinkles straight out of the box. It’s going to really suck when they’re gone because I think she said that they were brought here from Curacao… I don’t think Brian would let me plan a trip around a sprinkles craving.

Anyway, the cupcakes were delicious. I was sad when they came out of the oven because the tops were kind of marbleized rather than having the defined chocolate-strawberry layers, but as soon as you ice them you can’t tell the difference. This would make a great Valentine’s-themed dessert.

Hope everyone is having a great night! Thanks for the book suggestions. We decided tonight that our next selection is Cutting for Stone, which apparently is a long one so I better get started on that ASAP.

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One Response to Sprinkles

  1. Helen says:

    Oh my goodness, YES they go on bread! Toast, to be specific. They get all melty. mmmmm

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