It’s ironic that I’m most exhausted on the days that Jack has Mother’s Day Out. I think I just defer all of my errands/chores to Thursday because it’s easier to get stuff done when the little man is in school, plus he “naps” there so we end up with a loooooong afternoon once I pick him up. Luckily today was crazy gorgeous outside- we left our house to walk to the park at 3:15 and walked back in the door at 6:15. That’s got to be some kind of record. We met up with a big group of Jack’s buddies and he had a blast climbing, sliding, and (primarily) begging for snacks from the other mommies.

We ended up grabbing dinner at my old garlic-crazy workplace, Alfonso’s, so no dinner pics. However, I have my first MOPS meeting tomorrow and was racking my brain as to what to pack Jack for his lunch. My Mother’s Day Out lunches have been a massive fail lately. He’ll eat the grapes and chips and that’s it.

So tonight I took advantage of the Central Market salad bar fixin’s to throw together a pasta salad:

Barilla has this great Piccolini line of pasta that features tiny versions of their pasta shapes (penne, shells, rotini and wagon wheels, I think). It’s perfect for toddlers, because cutting up everything gets to be a whip sometimes. I just boiled some of the penne and then mixed it with chopped grilled chicken, broccoli florets, edamame and tomatoes (all from the CM salad bar). I drizzled a little Italian dressing on top and sprinkled on some parmesan. Easy.

Now we’ll just have to see if he eats it.

So here’s the rest of his lunch, if you’re interested:

Squeezable applesauce (he’s obsessed with these at the moment), grapes and Wheat Thins. Is it weird to give a toddler Wheat Thins? It’s kind of a geriatric snack. Oh well.

I’ve been feeling some crazy movement from Baby #2 lately. Like not just the little bubbles- actual kicks and rolls. We find out the sex on Tuesday and I can’t WAIT.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I’m going to go pass out now.

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4 Responses to Lunchbox

  1. Carolyn Ingrum says:

    I joined MOPS this semester, and am really loving it! I went to my second meeting yesterday, and both times have been really fun. I think it’ll be right up your alley!! Y’all have a great weekend! : )

  2. Steph says:

    I’m so glad you are trying out MOPS!! I am on our MOPS leadership team and it has been a huge blessing to me. There’s something about getting together with other moms in the same stage of life that is really encouraging. I hope you like your group of women. Mine had a spa night this week and it was so much fun! I really can’t say enough good things about the group. =)

    Oh and I’m finally feeling my little guy kick, at 19 weeks! Can’t wait to hear what you’re having.

  3. Mary Anne says:

    School lunches are such a gamble!! We have a friend who’s three year old has refused several food items for 3 years – but will now devour them at preschool. He comes home and proudly tells him mom what he ate, but continues to refuse those items at home!

  4. GoGo squeeZ says:

    Thanks for having us in your lunchbox!

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