Rainy Day

We woke up this morning to major rainstorms, which is awesome for curling up in bed with a good book, but not so awesome for being stuck inside all day with a toddler. By noon we were both going stir-crazy, having played with every truck, assembled every puzzle, “cooked” 3247897 combinations of wooden food… thank goodness tomorrow is Mother’s Day Out!

I had a major recipe fails today. Brian had a guys’ night out tonight, so I was super excited to make this recipe for Roasted Grape, Goat Cheese and Honey-Stuffed Sweet Potatoes. Not really Bri’s style, but definitely mine. Unfortunately I think our oven must be off or something, because my grapes burned to a nasty crisp. Like essentially melted into a black, sticky mess.  Gross.

So instead I had a hummus wrap and tomato soup for dinner.

But. BUT. I found a recipe that I forgot to post last week! So all is not lost: Mango Blueberry Quinoa Salad with Lemon Basil Dressing.

All good things- quinoa, mango, blueberries, cucumber, dried cherries (which I substituted for the cranberries), lemon and basil. It would be amazing with chickpeas, too.

Anyway, we had it for dinner the other night along with the bean soup. I fully expected Brian to hate this salad, but he actually commented on how much he liked it. Will definitely be making it again!

And to cheer myself up from the sweet potato fail, I currently have No Bake Energy Bite batter chilling in the fridge. Hooray.

Oh, one more thing! Remember a month or two ago when I posted about the wedding dress sketch from my friend Debi? Well I got my sketch the mail yesterday and it is GORGEOUS. I can’t wait to frame it. Debi’s site is now up and running, so if you’re looking for an amazing wedding/anniversary gift, check out Illustrative Moments!

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One Response to Rainy Day

  1. kelsey balch says:

    that quinoa looks amazing!

    I feel ya on the stir crazy… channing projectile puked all over my car on the way to school then we go home and she naps… but she kept saying BIKE OUTSIDE all afternoon… rain does not go well with toddlers!

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