Jack and I had a nice little mommy-son day today. I LOVE his long curls, but today he was complaining that his “hair was stuck” (i.e., in his eyes) so we headed over to Cool Cuts for a trim.

He is such a champ. Just sits in the little fire engine and never moves or complains. How did I get so lucky?? He’s amazing, which I probably tell him way too often. When we’re driving, I’ll hear him in the backseat talking to himself, saying, “Mommy is SOOOOO proud of you! You make Mommy SO HAPPY!

Ruh roh.

After the haircut we had a lunch date at Zoe’s Kitchen. No clue how we’ve never eaten here before! The hummus & salad plate was amaaaazing. Greek salad, tzatziki, hummus, pita- all my favorites. I think I was Greek in a past life.

Unfortunately I made the mistake of checking the nutritional info online AFTER cleaning my plate. Gulp. What the hell is in that hummus???

Little man shocked me by cleaning his plate, too. Grilled cheese with turkey and a side of fruit. I love this photo- he’s so focused on that chocolate milk.

A quinoa mac & cheese recipe (link here) has been floating around Pinterest. This seemed like a winner for us because Jack loves quinoa… and cheese… and you can also throw in veggies. I added a bag of steamed broccoli (chopped) and a teaspoon of garlic salt.

This is a LOT like baked cheese grits. With the broccoli addition I would call the flavor a combination of cheese grits & broccoli-rice casserole. I loved it, and I think Jack liked it too once we sweet talked him into trying a bite. Let’s say he was being… stubborn tonight.

I also made a batch of Maple Mustard Buttermilk Crusted Chicken Tenders from How Sweet It Is.

OMG yum. I have tried 238947 variations of “baked chicken fingers” that are supposed to taste like FRIED chicken fingers, and they never do. They’re always soggy and bland. The buttermilk-maple-dijon marinade on this one gives it a good flavor, and the combination of bread crumbs (panko, regular and whole wheat flour) in the coating + baking them on a wire rack = super crispy tenders. I’ll definitely be making these again.

Jack loved them, too.

We had a busy afternoon- short nap, long walk, trip to the park- so mommy is exhausted. Hoping for an early bedtime tonight (which never happens, but there’s always hope…).


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3 Responses to Trim

  1. Christina says:

    Oh my gosh, Jack’s talking to himself, echoing mommy-praise, is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard! I often think that I openly praise John Kinder way too much also. For the record, I think you and Jack are both right: he’s awesome, so his mommy is entitled to be proud and happy

  2. ken niesman says:

    I’m sure Jack was reading the nutritional info on the milk bottle. He and I were discussing the relative benefits/detriments of whole versus low fat versus skim milk at beakfast Sunday morning at our house. He said he didn’t care, as long as it was chocolate. Obviously, he does care!

  3. Glad you enjoyed!!It looked delicious!

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