It’s funny what you forget about pregnancy… like the whole waking up every hour with sore hips. My mom reminded me that this happened with Jack, too. Ugh, last night was awful- I have my beloved Snoogle pillow and even that didn’t help.

I’m hoping that exercise will do it some good, and luckily today was GORGEOUS. Jack and I took a walk this morning, then this afternoon we had a playdate a pediatric dentist. It was actually really cute… Jack climbed up in the chair and seemed a little nervous:

But then this princess lady (??) came over and demonstrated the “water gun” teeth cleaning tool… then we were all good.

He also practiced brushing on this not-at-all-creepy alligator with human teeth.

So we’re a fan of the dentist now. He even let me floss his teeth (which, apparently, I’m supposed to be doing regularly at this point… oops).

After the playdate we grabbed an early dinner at Elevation Burger with a few of Jack’s buddies. I had the turkey burger and Jack split a grilled cheese with his friend Zoe.

Brian had a guys night out tonight, so Jack and I headed to the Galleria indoor playground with his friend Clay after dinner, then I got him home for bath, stories and bed… and now I’m BEAT. Night.

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6 Responses to Chompers

  1. Erin Morgan says:

    Hey goof ball, the princess lady was the tooth fairy; she made a special trip to see our little critters – I’m guessing she heard how awesome and cute they were and couldn’t wait until they lost their baby teeth to see them :) Oh and I got to hear all about how Clay played with Jack and “Ha-Hot” last night – thought you’d like the newest interpretation of your name! Glad we made the blog!

  2. Mary Anne says:

    You are supposed to be flossing his teeth?! Oh my, they seem so young still for that. I am very impressed he let you!!

  3. Autumn B. says:

    It’s so crazy how early the whole dentist thing comes now, I was getting grief for not taking my son until he was 18 months old, apparently you are supposed to start at 1 year…he didn’t even have but one tooth then!

  4. Robin Brant says:

    Hey – what dentist did you take Jack to? I need to find one for Miller. I feel terrible that I haven’t taken him yet!

    • heatherwlu says:

      I haven’t actually taken Jack for his first dentist appointment yet either. All About Kids Dentistry invited our playgroup for a visit- they’re located at Forest & Inwood and seemed great. And I’ve heard good things about the practice located across from Presby (not sure what they’re called, but our pediatrician is in the same building)

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