So two nights in a row of single parent duty sucks… and at 6 months pregnant, it sucks BIG TIME. I don’t take for granted at all that Jack is generally a really easygoing kid, but even so, after all afternoon playing outside, running errands, making dinner, cleaning the kitchen, getting him ready for bed and throwing in a load of laundry, I’m toast.

(You know what would be great right now? WINE.)

Brian had a guys night out last night and ended up having to work late tonight. A smarter person would have said screw it and ordered pizza as soon as they realized their spouse was not going to be home for dinner. But I’m an idiot. Instead I decided to tackle this complicated deconstructed sushi roll-salad that I found on Pinterest (DAMN YOU, PINTEREST).

I really liked the salad. All things I love- edamame, avocad0, cucumbers, brown rice, sriracha, sesame seeds, miso dressing and crab (okay, it was krab).

Was it worth all the effort? I don’t know. Probably not. But at least there are leftovers for tomorrow. Also, a little tip. If you don’t want to buy an entire package of nori and then spend 45 minutes making rice, look for this:

There’s a little packet of nori inside and a bowl of sticky rice that you just steam in the microwave. I found it at Central Market. I think there’s a brown rice variety, too, but they didn’t have any in stock.

I also made a batch of Mama Pea’s Lemon Lentil Soup. God, I love that soup.

Just FYI, if you make it: I double the lemon-cashew “cream.”

A couple randoms. I found this daffodil-scented Method soap at Target and now my hands are raw from washing them 1400 times today. It smells amazing…

Speaking of Method, they’ve re-released my ALL-TIME FAVORITE shower gel:

Olive Leaf. It’s so clean & fresh. I even blogged about it here FOUR years ago, but then it was discontinued… and now it’s BACK. Stop toying with my emotions, Method.

And finally, here’s what the dental hygienist recommended that I use to floss Jack’s teeth:
They’re at Dollar Tree, 25 for $1. Can’t beat that. And not only did Jack let me floss his teeth tonight, he then proceeded to re-floss them himself. I think the cute animal handles help.

I’m going to go pass out now.

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2 Responses to Toast

  1. Autumn B. says:

    That salad looks amazing but alas I suck at cooking!

  2. kelsey balch says:

    well now I HAVE to try that shower gel and hand soap! Thanks! :)

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