Terrible Two’s

My OB appointment went well this morning! I gagged down the “orange drink” and passed the glucose test. Woohoo- bring on the desserts! Er, I guess, continue with the desserts…

Anyway, baby sounds good! She was kicking away while we were trying to hear her heartbeat on the doppler. We get another sonogram at the next appointment. Love those.

I’m trying to sneak more veggies into my diet. Fruits are easy; veggies, not so much. Luckily I remembered this awesome recipe for a raw salad-type mixture. It’s actually perfect for breakfast, but I made it for a snack today. It’s just really sweet and fresh, and it comes together quickly if you have a mini-prep… I added chia seeds and a few almonds on top.

Spinach, carrots, apples, pineapple, coconut, almonds.

Not to brag, but dinner tonight was pretty awesome. Made another batch of roasted brussels sprouts with bacon and apples. Last time I forgot to drizzle on the red wine vinegar- it definitely makes a difference. ALSO, instead of cooking the bacon, then adding the brussels sprouts, then the apples, I just tossed the sprouts and bacon in the oven at the same time (425… which I think was adjusted to 400 on my convection setting), cooked for 15 minutes, added the apple and cooked for another 10.

I like my sprouts pretty charred- if you don’t, just don’t cook them as long :)

We also had slow cooker pork tenderloin (recipe here). I followed the recipe exactly but also tossed in a couple handfuls of baby carrots and a quartered onion.

OMG, so tender and flavorful! I’ve made this before but it was so much better this time. I think the tenderloin was a little smaller, which kept the top moist. The juices are pretty amazing over mashed potatoes.

Holy moly, I don’t know what got into Jack today. He was like a little demon child. First I caught him throwing magnets at Chloe, then trying to feed her crayons (that, in all fairness, she WAS eating). Finally I found him coloring on our kitchen stool and told him to stop that.

His reply?

No, YOU stop that.

<Insert time out here.>

Oh, and then he may have tried to stab Brian with a fork during dinner as Bri was attempting to feed him a carrot. Because that’s a fun lesson to teach your 2 year old: Why We Do Not Stab Others.

Or Feed Them Crayons.

OR Throw Magnets.

Is there a book for this? No? Super.

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4 Responses to Terrible Two’s

  1. kelsey balch says:

    Girl I feel ya on the ‘whats got into them today’ wagon. Most days Channing is very sweet and then other days she turns into a BEAST! Goodness gracias!!!

    Yay on passing the glucose test! Channings birthday is coming up and we are hoping to see you guys there… as soon as I can get invites out!

  2. Erin Morgan says:

    OMG – you make me feel so much better. Yesterday was, as a dog would say, “ruff ruff” – agh! I know part of it had to do with me but my little guy seemed primed for meltdown mode and was pretty demanding. I finally understand the meaning of “bull headed” because anytime was in the kitchen yesterday, he’d wedge himself between me and the cabinet and use his head to push HARD into my legs to try to get me to stop what I was doing (you know, I was slacking, just in there cooking his meal). :) Maybe with all the pollen in the air there whole “be a cute little punk” thing is airborne too.

  3. Joanna says:

    This meal looks delish! Also, you’re the questionnaire I just did on my blog – you were the first blog I ever started reading! Oh, and good luck with Jack. Twos and threes are a total b!

  4. natasha says:

    Hey thanks for the link, I’m totally going to try those other two recipes you made, they sound right up my alley.

    You kid sounds awesome. Not that stabbing others is a good thing but I love a kid with a little spunk. (;

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