Sweet Tooth

Right now I’m listening to Brian sing “Billy Passed the Third Grade” (from Billy Madison… and P.S., if you didn’t know that, we’re no longer friends) to Jack as he gets him ready for bed. And THIS is why I married him.

I’m also fighting off the urge to make this cake, right this minute. Which is sad because I’m already eating dessert:

My latest obsession, the margarita knock-out from TC Shaved Ice. It’s pina colada ice cream (their only flavor) surrounded by margarita-flavored shaved ice. Pure delight, I tell you. Especially when you’ve been without margaritas or sangria or wine for 7 months.

I spent this morning enjoying a home tour, which is always great for making you want to go home and start knocking down walls. Where is the clutter? Why do these people not have laundry on their dining room tables?? Of course my favorite part was the dessert table at the post-tour brunch. Macarons & cake pops!

Jack and I ran errands this afternoon and didn’t get home until 6, so dinner had to be quick. I pulled this stuff out of the fridge, along with a few chicken breasts.

I just cut up the chicken into bite-sized pieces and cooked it in a skillet, then added the mushrooms and snow peas. Once those were tender, I threw in about a tablespoon or two of capers, the Philadelphia Lemon & Herb Cooking Creme and a splash of milk and heated through. Served over brown rice:

Not too shabby. The cooking creme is RICH and I wish it were a little more lemony, but this was really good for a 20 minute meal (I just made one of those steam bags of rice in the microwave). Jack seemed to like it, too. He ate all of his chicken, mushrooms (along with Brian’s) and rice.

Alright I’m off to pack little man’s lunch for tomorrow.

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  1. kelsey balch says:

    I stinking LOVE that he sang that to Jack! Im singing it as I am typing right now! LOL

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