Forgive me if this is the world’s most boring post. I’m just not feeling the food right now… like NOTHING sounds good and I’m never very hungry anymore. I’m blaming the heat and the giant baby compressing my stomach. But don’t worry, because despite this I STILL somehow managed to gain weight between today’s doctor’s appointment and the one 2 weeks ago. I know, I know- that’s pure talent right there.

Actually, this could have something to do with it:

The hospital where my OBGYN offices happens to have a Society Bakery in the atrium. And since Jack has been accompanying me to my appointments and being a perfect little gentleman, I have to reward him, right?? It’s only fair. Society Bakery has these ridiculous M&M cookies- they’re huge and chewy and perfect. So we split one after my appointments… which are becoming closer and closer together. I’m going every 2 weeks now, and then after the next one I’ll be making weekly trips. That’s a lot of cookies.

(Jack calls them “MNO Cookies”- which is adorable and just all the more reason to buy them.)

We cleaned out the fridge tonight. Meat sounded awful so I just had pasta with the turkey meatballs & sauce from last week, minus the meatballs.

Is anyone else really excited about The Shops at Target? I’m pretty pumped to see the collections from The Webster and Privet House. Wonder if it’s going to be more Missoni-style hysteria, though… hope not.

Hosting book club tomorrow night so stay tuned for pics!

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  1. gammypie says:

    On Sunday, I made a batch of mini M&M chocolate chip cookies. Our family has been chowing down on them ever since.

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