Cream Cheese Pound Cake

So I was in a cake-baking mood today… which, let’s be honest, really means I was in a batter-eating mood. I’d seen a recipe on Pinterest about a bazillion times for BEST POUNDCAKE EVER (or something to that effect). That’s a pretty bold statement… we’ll just have to see about that.

Anyway, I settled on this recipe (despite drooling over the Gin & Tonic Cake- which I WILL make) because the ingredients were simple- butter, flour, sugar, cream cheese, eggs, vanilla- and it seemed to come together pretty quickly. The recipe said to bake at 300 for an hour and forty minutes, but I cranked it up to 325 and baked for about 70 minutes instead.


I trimmed off the bottom (top?), which just might have been the best part… mmmm, caramelized cake scraps…

Verdict? Delicious!! Super light and moist. Pound cakes are hit or miss- a lot of times I find them just overly heavy, dry and crumbly. This is a winner.

I took it over to my parents’ house for dinner tonight and my mom said that it was the best pound cake she’s ever had. Of course, she’s my mom so maybe she has to say things like that? Brian keeps raving about it, too. Thinking this might make a good breakfast… or bedtime snack.

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  1. Mary Anne Potts says:

    That pound cake looks wonderful!! I will be trying that recipe myself!

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