Alone Time

Today was Jack’s last day of Mother’s Day Out until after the baby comes. YIKES. Meaning this was probably my last “alone” day for, oh, 2 years? I get more done in my one toddler-free afternoon than I do all week. And really important stuff, too… like scouting out Big Lots for Philosophy makeup.

I read on one of my favorite beauty blogs that both Philosophy and Calvin Klein cosmetics had been popping up at Big Lots, so of course I had to head over there to check it out (and not, as Brian asked, “to get stabbed?“… our Big Lots are a little rough).

Anyway, I did not get stabbed. I DID, however, hit the motha’ load of $3 makeup…

Woohoo! This stuff is normally $20+ each and I got ALL of it for less than that.

I ran a few more errands- got my Sephora b-day present, grabbed gifts for Jack’s mother’s day out teachers, and a couple more things for the ol’ hospital bag. Holy moly, Target has some awesome baby girl stuff right now… like this ikat romper. Ridiculous. Then my sweet mom called and offered to take me to lunch. Yes, please! We ended up at Ziziki’s.

Ziziki Bread: Cheesy pita bread with yogurt sauce.

Split the Greek salad:

Chicken souvlaki:

Brian had to work late so Jack & I met friends for dinner, stopped at Whole Foods for some popsicles (my pregnancy addiction), and now I’m about to drop. Hope everyone has a fun weekend!!

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2 Responses to Alone Time

  1. Erin Morgan says:

    Sounds like a great day, though you did forget to mention one thing…. You were recognized on the road a HUGE fan of your blog :)

  2. Kelsey Balch says:

    UMMMM totally going to Big Lots…. that is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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