Birthday Recap

I have an app on my phone that updates you weekly on your pregnancy, and this week (37- full term!) it informed me that I should “No longer be gaining weight.”


Apparently the app doesn’t factor in things like 30th birthdays and Memorial Day weekend.

This weekend was awesome and I have the material/photos for the world’s longest post. I’ll try to abbreviate… On Friday my parents kept Jack so that Brian and I could go out for a birthday/early anniversary (since on our actual anniversary, we’ll have a 1 week old on our hands) dinner. We ended up at Driftwood, a new seafood restaurant in Oak Cliff. The food was amazing. We shared a Maine lobster roll “small plate”:

Then I had had the grilled shrimp, which was served on a polenta cake over butter beans and chorizo. We also shared the roasted brussels sprouts, which were in a spicy-sweet glaze with pork belly. Brian was digging around for pork belly like he was on a bacon-y treasure hunt:

Saturday, my actual birthday, wasn’t all that exciting. We picked up Jack, grabbed In & Out for lunch, headed to Northpark to get Jack some new kicks, I made a Target run, then we made our first trip to the pool (it opened this weekend- woohoo!). Sunday was spent getting baby-related chores done and then at our neighbor’s for a cookout/rib cookoff.

Our little neighborhood library held a big Memorial Day parade & festival as a fundraiser, so we headed there this morning. This is why I love our neighborhood:

It’s FULL of kids and families who turn up for stuff like this. They shut down the entire street and had a bounce house, slide, train rides, cake walk, caricatures, face painting.

And like I said, all the proceeds go towards this amazing little library that a former teacher opened in the top floor of her house. Jack and I are there at least twice a month because he can run around and pull stuff off shelves and scan his own books and Mrs. K just smiles and gives him a sticker.

Jack and Alex were not impressed with their lollipop cake walk consolation prizes.

Anyway, this afternoon Brian and my dad moved some stuff out of the nursery and then picked up a glider I found on Craig’s List. It’s cute but a little (okay, a lot) dingy. Any suggestions on how to clean upholstery? It’s light yellow so I’m concerned about leaving water spots on the fabric.

Tonight my mom had us, my brother and my grandparents over for a belated birthday dinner. Would you be impressed or horrified if I told you that I ate this entire steak?

Okay, I really didn’t. I COULD eat 50 bowls of this, though… cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and carrots in loads of vinegar and dill.

Guess who got the Special Plate?? Peach cobbler and lemonade pie for dessert.

Anyway, I had a really good birthday weekend. Lots of time with family and friends, some relaxing, a little bit of productivity (I’m panicking as June 11 quickly approaches), good food… can’t really ask for more.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. Marie E. says:

    I hope you had an amazing bday Heather! LOVE your TB sandals!

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