Doctor’s appointment days are both a blessing and a curse. I go weekly now, and on one hand it’s fun to hear baby girl’s heartbeat and find out that she’s measuring right on track.

On the other hand, I get my hopes up every week that there will be SOME sign of impending labor. Dilation, effacement, anything. But no. I never dilated past 1 cm with Jack, and this baby is looking like she’s just as stubborn. I must have an AWESOME uterus… no one wants to leave.

Back to the bright side. My friend Monica (the one who takes the amazing photos) delivered her 3rd daughter, Nicolette, at my hospital yesterday so I got to pop in and snuggle some sweet baby girl after my doctor’s appointment. And THEN we bumped into Lauren and Robert at dinner and I got to steal Caroline for a little while, too. So I guess I did get my baby fix today.

Got my Jack fix, too. Courtesy of Mint Milanos (or “cement cookies” according to Jack). I’m not above bribing for snuggles.

Look at that face. He totally knows what he’s doing.

We finally tried the new Taco Joint tonight! I love the location- much closer to our house, and it’s open 7 days a week and for dinner, too. The other one is only open for breakfast & lunch, M-Sat. Oh, and this one has plenty of seating.

I had the taco salad with brisket:

The brisket was a little bland (desperately needed salt) but I loved the jalapeno ranch dressing. Next time I want to try the spicy pork tacos.

Right now I have Oatmeal Carmelitas cooling on the counter and they smell SO GOOD. Full report tomorrow.

This week is flying. Anyone else?

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  1. Sara says:

    I am so thrilled I saw this! I LOVE Taco Joint but I always hated that I could only go on Saturday’s! My favorite are the bean and cheese tacos (I put the jalapeno ranch on them too) and their chips and queso. Yum!

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