Dinner with Dad

Tonight Brian took Jack to a Frisco Roughriders game with some law school friends, and seeing as I’m 532 weeks (no?) pregnant and it’s already 90+ degrees out, I opted out of the baseball-watching. The plan was Chinese takeout and TV but then my dad called to see if I wanted to do dinner. Yes, please! Sadly, my mom has a stomach bug and couldn’t join us.

We ended up at Neighborhood Services.

Brian and I ate here once a loooong time ago (I was pregnant with Jack). I started with the Boston bibb salad. Marcona almonds = yum.

Sorry for the crappy pics… ’twas dark and I hate flash…

I had the scallops with manchego grits, Spanish chorizo and tomatoes.

I can take or leave Mexican chorizo, but Spanish I LOVE LOVE LOVE. Speaking of, I want to make this again asap.

My dad ordered the fish & chips, which he seemed to really like.

After much deliberation, I settled on the homemade ding dong for dessert. I mean, really? How can you NOT order that? Loved the cherry sauce underneath.

So a fun night with Dad! It was great to go out to dinner and be able to actually hold a conversation, rather than spend the entire time fetching crayons off the floor. And I love that with my dad, it’s just an automatic assumption that dessert will be ordered… he actually recommended that I get two this time. It was tempting.

I’m calling bullshiz on this “going into labor with a full moon” business. BAH.

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