Lady Who Lunches

Today I got to drop Jack off over at my parents’ house and play Trophy Wife for a few hours. It was AWESOME. Lauren (and Robert & Caroline) gave me a gift certificate for a mani/pedi at Hiatus Spa for my b-day, and I decided to hurry up and use it before the baby gets here. Who wants nasty feet when you go in for surgery? Also, nothing feels better than a foot rub when you’re pregnant.

Anyway, it was by far the best mani/pedi I’ve had in my LIFE. It may have ruined me on my crappy little neighborhood salon. They put you in a zero gravity chair, allow you to choose your scent, tuck a warm blanket around you and place a lavender pillow on your eyes, then let you listen to thunderstorms on headphones. OMG… I definitely snored. And probably drooled.

Afterward I tried to continue the zen by using a Scoutmob deal to grab a smoothie and salad at The Gem.

The Emerald City: Celery, spinach, basil, ginger, apple, lemon and cucumber.

For some reason I expected this to be sweet, which is is NOT. The lady behind the counter saw me attempting to stir in agave nectar and immediately offered to put the smoothie back in the blender with some of the nectar so it would be evenly mixed. So nice! And then she made sure that I liked the taste (and said she would re-make it if I didn’t).

The kale salad was really good. Topped with chopped apples, pistachios and a dijon vinaigrette:

Next time I want to try the salad trio. I wish this place was closer to my house.

So that lunch totally makes up for 38 1/2 weeks of crappy eating, right? Cool.

My awesome day was topped off by Jack taking a THREE HOUR NAP. I think Gia and Baba make him run laps or something. It’s amazing.

Tomorrow’s our last day of just Jack & Mommy. I’m trying not to get sad but it’s a little bittersweet. Catch you guys on Sunday!

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