Cooling Off

NOTE: This was written a few days back. Brian has already followed through on his promise below; I had a shaved ice tonight!

This will most likely be my last pregnancy (not definitely, but probably… unless we win the lottery) so I’ve been trying to enjoy the final few days of indulging cravings somewhat guilt-free. THAT is one of the main things I will miss about being pregnant.. that and the baby kicks. Those are awesome, too.

A few years back, I read an article in one of the local newspapers about good places to cool off in the summer. It listed Doc’s, a convenience store in a somewhat-sketchy area at Meadow & 75 that had a shaved ice station in the back. The cool part was that they made their own all-natural syrups. We tried it and were impressed- but for some reason never made our way back.

Until recently, when we found out that they opened their own storefront next door! Woohoo!

(PS- Despite what the sign says, they do NOT have frozen yogurt. At least not yet.)

Okay, so we’ve been twice in a week and I’ve already made Brian promise that he’ll get me one post c-section (no solid food = my own personal hell). They do have the “regular” flavors that you find at most shaved ice stands, but I’m partial to the all-natural stuff. So far we’ve tried the natural coconut (good but thick- the syrup kind of sits on top of the ice unless you stir it well), watermelon, strawberry- and my new obsession- cucumber lime:

It’s amazing. See those little cucumber flecks?? Sour and crisp and just sweet enough. Pretty much the perfect summer dessert. It almost makes up for the fact that I haven’t had a margarita in 9 months. I’ve decided that the ideal flavor would be half natural coconut, half cucumber-lime. I tried to get this combo last night but they were out of the coconut.

That’s one issue- this place is PACKED. Mostly with very wholesome looking high schoolers. But they run out of flavors and it can take a while to get your shaved ice if you get there at a certain time (seems to be about 8pm). Oh, and no high chairs… meaning Jack runs around like a crazy person the entire time.

Anyway, I highly recommend checking it out. Someone please try the pickle juice flavor and let me know how it is…?

Oh, and they do have a website here.

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3 Responses to Cooling Off

  1. Rose says:

    Congratulations on the new addition to the family, Heather! Can’t wait to see her make her blog debut. So happy for your wonderful little family.

  2. Marie E. says:

    Have you gone to Sweet Mix in RIchardson yet? YOU’LL FREAK when you taste their flavored snow. Owned by BL alum Zung Doan ’98.

    • heatherwlu says:

      No! I really want to try it though- there was a Groupon for Sweet Mix a while back that I should have bought.

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