Sea Legs

Well, we’re home now… and the plan is to be back to the regular blog schedule, but be patient with me because we’re still getting our sea legs with this whole TWO KIDS thing. Tomorrow is Brian’s last day home before he goes back to work and I’m waffling between being ready to get into some kind of a routine and (mostly) being completely terrified. All I can say is thank God for our amazing family. Between my parents and Brian’s, Jack was completely taken care of last week, our fridge was stocked, Chloe was fed/properly snuggled and our house was cleaned. Brian has been wonderful, too- taking turns staying up with Isla (who, it turns out, refuses to go to bed before 4:30am… this morning it was 6), running to the store to fetch things that no man should have to buy and basically doing EVERYTHING for Jack since I can’t lift him or drive right now.

By the way, there are all of these fun postpartum happenings that I’m convinced you completely forget about exactly 12 months after giving birth. It’s a rude re-awakening… my friend Kira covered them all wonderfully here.

But other than the expected growing pains, things are actually really good. Jack LOVES his little sister. He asks to hold her about once an hour, kisses her every time he walks by, and makes me happy-cry daily by just being the sweetest kid ever. Isla is a delicious little angel baby who is totally okay with me snuggling her 24/7 and kissing her cheeks off. She’s eating like a champ and did great at her first checkup. I think we’ll keep her.

We’ve taken like 700 photos in the past week (I haven’t even begun to transfer the pics from my camera), but here are a few from my phone to give you an idea of what life has been like this past week:

She’s a smiley one…

Our super romantic “Celebration Dinner” at the hospital. Seafood pasta for me, steak for Brian. I’m not going to lie… the food was actually pretty good. I kind of miss it.

“Another one? Seriously?”

It’s amazing to see how much Isla has changed in looks in just a few days. Speaking of, someone needs to EAT. Hope everyone had a great weekend and I’ll catch y’all tomorrow. Thank you for all of the congrats and well wishes last week!!

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3 Responses to Sea Legs

  1. I’m so glad things are going well Heather! Happy to hear that Jack is loving his littler sister and that she is being an angel for you!!!

  2. Mary Anne Potts says:

    Best of luck adjusting to being a family of four!! Sounds like you are off to a great start with Jack’s newfound big brother love for Isla!!

  3. Erin Morgan says:

    YOU ROCK!!! I can’t believe you are already posting “real time”! Good luck tomorrow, sweet friend! I know that you will do great on your own and I’ll be sending up prayers that when things feel a bit overwhelming that God will just bless you with a moment to regroup and a moment (or 17) with your babies that takes your breath away. Lots of love and seriously, I think you and Brian need to have about 12 more kids because you make such gorgeous, sweet ones! Hugs and love!

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