Here’s a little secret: If you’re in a meal rut, just have a baby and then your friends will bring you AMAZING FOOD. Like way better than what you normally eat.

Exhibit A. Lauren and Caroline brought over lunch from Bolsa Mercado. Two kinds of sandwiches: turkey with avocado and bacon, and prosciutto with apple butter and arugula.

Oh, and brownies.

This is quite a step above the Annie’s mac & cheese that we would normally be eating for lunch.

Isla and Caroline, future BFF’s. Common interests already:

GAH, Caroline’s sweet cheeks kill me.

Back to the food. Exhibit B:

My friend Nicole dropped off chicken tikka masala and rice for dinner. I’m pretty sure she used this recipe, which I LOVE.

It was delicious. And we basically had to fight Jack for the rice.

Today was a challenge. More specifically, MORNINGS are a challenge. I still haven’t figured out a plan for what to do with Isla as I’m getting Jack dressed (this morning she just screamed on his bed while I tried to change him as quickly as possible) and what to do with Jack’s 50 million random requests as I’m trying to feed Isla. This morning I didn’t get his breakfast ready until almost 11. Luckily my mom came to the rescue, rocking Isla so I could feed Jack, then taking Jack on a picnic with my dad. This two kid thing is an adjustment, fo sho.

But then there’s this:

Jack loves his little sister. He asks to hold her ALL the time. Tonight Brian helped him hold her while he watched Olivia, and he did not want to give her back. Brian kept offering, “Want me to take her now, bud?”


Super sweet.  He just kept watching TV and snuggling on Isla. So times like this definitely help make the craziness a little more bearable… we’re adjusting.

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3 Responses to Adjusting

  1. gammypie says:

    Jack is doing so well adjusting. What a big boy!

  2. Julie says:

    It sounds like you are doing amazing adjusting in life with two littles. It definitely is a balancing act… and somedays you just give in to a really late breakfast and pajamas all day. Or in our case… family of pajama kids and cowboy boots while grocery shopping for breakfast food items… at 11am. eek.

    Can’t wait to get my hands on sweet Isla… she is so beautiful!

  3. Joanna Brock says:

    It’s definitely an adjustment, but you seem to be doing great! And don’t those sweet sibling moments make all the crazy ones worth it? (This pic of Jack and Isla is darling, btw.) Hang in there, mama! It gets easier.

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