So guess what? I actually cooked tonight! But I’m not doing at again until September… because of this:

No ma’am. It was 106 degrees today (really). So as soon as I turned the oven on, the house got ridiculously hot. Plus Isla prefers to be held ALL THE TIME so I cooked while she screamed. A little stressful.

But, BUT- I did make a good recipe. I’m trying to add more fish to our diet and ran across a delicious sounding recipe on Pinterest for parmesan-crusted tilapia (recipe here). It’s easy: You bake the tilapia for a few minutes, then smear with a paste of butter (I used 2 Tbs instead of 4), parmesan, mayo and spices and bake for a few more minutes.

I ended up having to broil the fish for a bit to get the top to brown. It was actually really good! I loved the crunchy cheese topping. Will definitely be making this one again- Brian liked it, too.

On the side: Brown basmati rice and green beans with tomatoes (inspired by Erin’s recipe from last night).

I took Jack to school this morning while my mom watched Isla. My mom has been such a HUGE help with Jack and the baby. She’s constantly making our beds, filling our fridge, doing laundry, putting Jack down for naps, holding Isla so I can go to the bathroom. We would all be in our PJ’s and our house would be a serious Hoarders contender were she not around. Anyway, she helped me give Isla a bath this morning… and by “helped” I mean she bathed while I snapped pictures:

Look at that sweet face!! Here’s a comparison pic of Jack at the same age, also post bath… they have the same little nose and chin dimple:

Catch you guys tomorrow!

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4 Responses to Cooking

  1. Valerie! says:

    Isla is tooo cute!!!

    I do this fish recipe too (grouper parmesan – yum!). If you can find Paul Prudhomme’s Redfish Magic, it will make the dish awesome. If you like this, you’ll also like the Hellman’s mayo chicken parm dish. I make it just about every week for Will and pair with a salad. Recently I put the baked chicken on some spaghetti sauce, topped with a slice of melted provolone, and enjoyed my chicken parm sans noodles and loads of work, but all the flavor (love Rao’s arrabiatta!).


  2. Valerie! says:

    Oh wow. I’m lame. I am catching up after spending the past 5 days in Tejas (Austin, San Antonio, and Fredericksburg for Phil’s wedding) so read this first! :) Anyway, glad to see you got the chicken parm. I do use mayo, but I’m a Hellman’s reduced fat olive oil kind of girl, which saves on the cals. I also believe in flattening out the chicken breast prior to baking so it bakes evenly. Woohoo.


  3. gammypie says:

    I’m with you. It’s just too hot to turn the oven on in this heat. Miz.

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