Family Time

Tonight we busted out the double stroller for the first time. That thing is a TANK. This little gal loved it, though:

Jack was ambivalent. He really just wanted to walk, so we bribed him with popsicles so he’d stop whining. Don’t judge.

We had a great weekend- though it went by way too fast, as usual. Friday night Jill brought us dinner: Poppyseed chicken, rice, salad and bread. Oh, and brownies. YUM. I’m hoarding the leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

Our weekend basically consists of juggling kids between the two of us. Brian takes Jack to the pool while I hang out with Isla… I put Jack to bed while Brian tries to soothe Isla… Brian hangs out at home as the kids nap while I run to Target. I kind of miss doing things as a whole family but I guess we’ll get there eventually. So far all we’ve been able to manage are restaurant outings, which work well because Isla tends to sleep through the entire meal.

Okay, so best deal ever? The family meals at Zoe’s Kitchen. Last night we ordered the roll-up dinner. For under $30, you get a HUGE Greek salad (like a giant 9×13 pan of salad), rice, pita bread, sauce and 8 roll-ups (large and cut in half, so really more like 16). This would easily feed our family for 2 dinners.

(My Greek salad obsession continues, apparently.)

Okay, I’m going to go enjoy a glass of my favorite Cupcake Red Velvet wine. Our other family outing this weekend was to a new liquor store’s grand opening, Total Wine (again, don’t judge- they had some amazing deals). So mama’s all stocked up on her faves. Night!

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