What A Day

Okay, I’m not going to lie… today was rough. It started out well. I managed to get both kids up and dressed (well, Isla stayed in her PJ’s) so we could head over to Kira’s for a playdate. It was perfect because Jack and Luna could play while Kira and I took care of Isla and Belle… and it’s really nice to be around another mom dealing with a newborn & a toddler!!

First playdate for Isla and Belle:

Anyway, Jack was kind of out of control this evening. Brian doesn’t get home until 7, which makes for a REALLY long afternoon (aka, witching hour/hell hour) between nap and dinner. Jack has been pretty bad about not listening to us lately- if I tell him not to do something, he completely ignores me or (worse) SMILES at me and proceeds to do whatever I’ve just told him not to. I’ve been trying to cut him some slack since his life is kind of upside down right now… but then today he was playing with my phone and I told him that I needed it. So first he takes off running and won’t hand it over, THEN he tosses it at/to me (which he has been told repeatedly NOT to do), and of course it hits Isla in the head. She freaked out, I freaked out. I couldn’t even really punish him because I’m in the middle of nursing the baby. OMG- mommy needs a glass of wine. Or five.

Soooo, there you have it. Thanks for letting me vent.

On to happier topics. My sweet friend Kate brought us dinner tonight! Meatloaf, mashed potatoes (Pioneer Woman’s recipe… I KNOW what’s in those potatoes but I’m going to pretend not to. They’re amazing.) and broccoli:

How cute is this Le Creuset??? I want it.

Oh, and NUTELLA-BISCOFF cupcakes. Shut up.

Okay, I’m off to numb my anxiety with hazelnut-chocolate-cookie wonderfulness. Prayers that Jack opts not to assault his sister again tomorrow. Night!

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4 Responses to What A Day

  1. gammypie says:

    Have you tried a version of time out? We started putting Tripp in his room with the door closed for 3 seconds (or more) and that seems to help. Then again, it doesn’t. Of course, with Isla you can’t just drop everything to swoop up Jack and toss him in his room. Man, what am I going to do with Tom gets here??

  2. kelsey balch says:

    Hey…. I am sorry you guys had a rough day… But thankful we are not the only one’s dealing with toddler issues like that… Channing is doing the same thing but if I tell her I need my phone or the iPad she gets mad and throws it… not to me…. just down… UGHHH

  3. Steph says:

    I’m right there with you….except my son deliberately hits and bites his new little brother. We’ve tried every discipline tactic and he Just. Does. Not. Listen.

    It’s really stressful trying to keep my newborn safe from his monster toddler brother all day long.

    Hey, at least your son naps! I’d pay serious money to get my 2 yr old to nap. =/

    Hang in there! You’re doing the best you can, and hopefully your kids will be best buddies soon.

  4. Liz23 says:

    I love hearing about your life. I don’t know how you do it all! I have a 14 month old. I can’t imagine having a newborn and a toddler and nursing on top of it! Good job mama!

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