Happy 4th!

Hope everyone had a great Independence Day! We sure did. Despite a LONG nap this afternoon, I’m wiped out. We started the day early with our neighborhood parade. Jack was all about the candy.

(Wearing Gia’s glasses.)

Isla’s first parade!

Then we headed home for naps. I think at one point all four of us were sleeping, which pretty much never happens… particularly last night, when Isla decided to throw an early 4th of July par-tay from 3-6am.

This evening my parents came over and we tried to coax Jack into playing in the sprinkler. He preferred to just boss us around instead: “Gia, your turn! Daddy, your turn! Mommy next!

We had better luck with the water table.

Isla and Baba observed from the porch.

My mom brought over pulled pork and Asian slaw, and we made a batch of dill pickle fries to go with it.

And then we capped off the day by taking Jack to a park to watch fireworks. All in all a great 4th of July! My dad made a big batch of homemade ice cream and left it in our freezer, so I’m off to raid that. Night!

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  1. Tammy says:

    Cute family picture! Priceless Grandad picture!

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