Wine & Dine

It’s amazing- every evening Brian and I vow to get to bed early, yet here it is almost 11pm, I just got in from grocery shopping and we’re about to bathe Isla. There just aren’t enough hours in the day anymore. At least there’s this:

Toasted Head = my fave.

We did have a nice weekend, mostly just hanging out around the house. Today my parents watched Jack & Isla so Brian and I could go see Moonrise Kingdom (SO good, and only 90 minutes, making it perfect for a quick escape).

We had some good eats, too. On Friday my friend Jenni had Picasso’s delivered to us- pizza and Greek salad. It was awesome; Brian got home, the doorbell rang and dinner was ready. Perfect timing, and we managed to sneak in both a family walk and a shaved ice run afterward:

(Natural Cucumber Lime from Sno at Meadow & 75)

Last night we grabbed dinner at Dive in Snider Plaza, courtesy of a sweet Scoutmob deal. I’d been craving their ahi tuna wrap ever since I saw a photo of it, but unfortunately I was pregnant at the time and ahi was a no-go. But I’m not anymore! Bring on the mercury!

Okay, totally worth the wait. Seared tuna, coconut rice, avocado and ginger slaw. The ponzu dipping sauce was perfect, too. I want another one tomorrow.

Not much else to report. We’re still getting into our little routine over here. It’s 1000x easier when Brian’s home (because he’s a saint and lets me sleep in, handles bedtime for Jack, cleans as I boss him around while I’m stuck on the couch nursing and generally deals with my crazy, hormonal ass), but we’re figuring it out.  Here’s a couple pics of the sweet babe from this weekend… she’s really starting to “wake up” and notice what’s going on.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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