Today has been kind of a whip. Jack woke up with a few bumps on his face and elbows which, after an 8pm trip to the doctor, turned out to be hand, foot and mouth disease (do yourself a favor and DON’T Google it). It’s not really a big concern for him- he feels fine and it should go away on it’s own in a few days- but it’s definitely contagious to other children. That’s bad because we have a newborn here, too. SO… Jack’s staying at my parents house tonight, which of course is totally okay by him but makes me sad.

I also had book club tonight. Brian took Jack to the doctor while Isla and I headed to book club. Isla had one of her classic blowouts while we were there and pooped all over herself and my (white) skirt. Lauren was a champ and helped me clean her up. That’s the sign of a good friend: They’ll willingly wipe up your kid’s crap.

(This was pre-blowout. Though it does look like Isla is plotting her attack, doesn’t it? She’s got the little Dr. Evil hand thing going… like, JUST YOU WAIT.)

Anyway, my point here is that I don’t have much of a post for you. My friend Leeanne brought us both dinner for tonight AND breakfast for tomorrow, so I’ll post details & pics tomorrow.

Isla and Chloe miss their brother.

PS: Is this not the most awesome baby hair EVER??? I asked Scottie if they actually style Charlotte’s hair like this, but no. The baby mohawk is all natural.


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  1. gammypie says:

    I couldn’t help it. I googled it. Poor Jack. :(

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