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So I’ve been dying to try Sissy’s Southern Kitchen, and I finally got the chance tonight! I met friends there for a mini baby shower. Unfortunately I couldn’t really eat any of the stuff that this place is known for (wah wahhhh) so I’m going to have to go back sans gallbladder and go to town on the fried chicken, cheese grits, fried okra, mac and cheese…

You know that awful girl who’s like, “I want this, but cooked with no butter or cheese, and the sauce on the side.

Yeah, that was me tonight. I had the pan seared striped bass with low country red rice… chive lump crab butter on the side.

It was good but I was having serious Bucket o’ Fried Chicken envy, which is what most of our table shared.

The drink menu was impressive. We shared a pitcher some type of house made tea-infused vodka punch that was really good, yet scary in the way that it doesn’t taste like alcohol AT ALL. I could have had many, many more of these:

We had a pretty uneventful day. Jack had school so Isla and I just bummed around the house. We attempted a little tummy time, but she is NOT a fan. No ma’am.

About 5 seconds after this photo was taken, she pretty much freaked out. Chloe cheered her on.

So there’s our Tuesday for you.

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