Venturing Out

Today was a BIG day. I made my first unaccompanied shopping trip with both kids. Oh, scurrrrrry:

(Notice the big hat? Jack was doing his own shopping.)

Actually, what stressed me out the most was figuring out exactly how to transport the kids. Super Target (our usual stop) just upgraded to these fancy schmancy plastic carts, which unfortunately don’t allow you to put the infant seat in the front- and it doesn’t really fit in the basket either. Luckily regular Target has the old carts. I’m still learning… moms of two, how does this usually work?? The Ergo is awesome but kind of a pain in the butt to wrangle with in a hot parking lot.

Also, Jack wouldn’t let me put anything in the actual basket- kind of inconvenient. He would shove each item under Isla’s carseat in the front. Other than that, we were golden.

After Target we ran through the Chick Fil A drive thru. I’m a little obsessed with their new grilled nuggets. I’m not sure what the deal is, but they’re way better than the grilled chicken that comes on the sandwiches or in the salads. One of life’s great mysteries.

A few more baby shots for you. Because that’s what I do all day…

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2 Responses to Venturing Out

  1. Erin Morgan says:

    LOVE Isla’s little peek-a-boo with her tongue – sweet baby girl!!!

  2. Helen says:

    baby #2 is still on the inside, but I plan to wear the baby and put the toddler in the front of the cart. Also once #2 is old enough, our Target has those super long carts where you put two toddlers facing forward on special seats and THEN the cart. It’s hard to push, but should be good! Technically you aren’t supposed to put their carseats onto the child seat of the cart anyway – it could tip over. But we’ve all done it!

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