Sunday Night Blues

I’ve managed to not think about the surgery much at all this weekend, but now it’s kind of hitting me that tomorrow AM I’ll be heading in. Honestly I know it’s such a routine procedure but it’s still weird/annoying (mostly annoying) to realize that I feel just fine now yet am going to come out of it feeling crappy.

Moving on… we had a great weekend! Our friends the May’s were in town so we met them for brunch this morning at Cafe Brazil, along with Allison, Neal and Harper.

Julie and I joke about Brian & Kelly’s bromance. Look how happy they look here:

The kids had so much fun. Jack seriously hasn’t stopped talking about Molly- he loves a woman who takes charge:

Sweet Harper…

My breakfast: Veggie crepes with feta. I forgot how good these are.

And the obligatory Jack & Isla shots (sorry if you follow my on Instagram- these are repeats). I remember with Jack that it seemed like a switch flipped when he turned 6 weeks and he started getting SO much more interactive, smiley and fun. Isla turns 6 weeks tomorrow and it seems like she’s the same… I love her little expressions.

So I probably won’t be blogging tomorrow (unless you want some post-anesthesia crazy talk) but Brian said that he’ll post an update when I’m out of surgery.

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One Response to Sunday Night Blues

  1. Robin Brant says:

    Just wanted to wish you well today. I had the same surgery a couple of years ago on a Thursday, and I was back to work on Monday. The C-sections are MUCH worse, and this should be a breeze for you in comparison. It’s no fun, but it’s better than dealing with the pain. I went through it for years before I realized it wasn’t just heartburn. Absolutely miserable. Good luck, lady. You’re a trooper – I know you’ll bounce back quickly.

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