One step forward, two steps back

Brian here, offering an update on Heather who has been busy being treated like this.

Heather arrived today full of energy and ready to get her gallbladder removed.

The surgery was a success. Heather is now approximately 400 grams lighter (about the weight of 20 souls), and will endure sans gallbladder. The doctor, however, noticed that a few of the previously-counted gallstones were not accounted for in the removed gallbladder. Not good news.

Heather had (rather painfully) passed one or more gallstones down her GI track. That means that instead of coming home tonight, Heather has been admitted to the hospital and will endure another round of anesthesia, another procedure, and potentially another night at the hospital.


So please keep Heather in your thoughts and pray for a speedy recovery tomorrow (and a speedy return home to her husband and kiddos who miss her). Of course, until all is right in the Baker household, we’ll keep you posted.

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11 Responses to One step forward, two steps back

  1. Thanks for the update, Brian! Heather, you are definitely in my thoughts and prayers. Hoping for an easy procedure tomorrow and speedy recovery.

  2. Joy says:

    Oh man, Heather! I’m so sorry! Thinking about all of you today and hoping for a speedy return home.

  3. Evan Thomas says:

    Hoping for a speedy recovery!

  4. Marie E. says:

    Get well soon Heather!

  5. EmilyL says:

    Feel better soon Heather!!

  6. Erin says:

    Awwh Miss Heather! Gosh what a pain :( Poor thing. You are all on our hearts! xo Erin

  7. gammypie says:

    Get well. I hope you are home soon and your recovery is quick.

  8. Tammy says:

    Oh, dear! Thinking of you all and keeping you in my prayers.

  9. Brian says:

    Another brief update: Heather is still at the hospital, as she’s had trouble managing her pain. Yesterday’s procedure was a little tougher than the doctor had expected. No new procedures today, so we expect (and really hope) that Heather will be discharged sometime today. Thanks for all of your well wishes!

  10. Kathy says:

    thanks for the update Brian! hope she goes home today too … and that she’s feeling better in no time

  11. Valerie! says:

    OH NO! Please send her my very best get well wishes!

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