Wedding Bells

Yesterday I was feeling SO much better. Like 75% back to normal… so I went out to breakfast, ran a couple of errands with Brian and even headed to a wedding that night. Uh, yeah- mistake. I guess I pushed it a little too hard because today I felt pretty craptastic again. Luckily I managed to rest most of the day today so hopefully tomorrow will be better.

I was actually supposed to be a reader in my friend Jill’s wedding. Jill is my oldest friend; we grew up around the corner from each other and played together every day, carpooled to school through high school (and actually used to carpool to WORK together in our twenties because our office buildings were right next to each other), and Jill is probably the closest thing that I had to a sister- except that we always liked each other and never fought. Anyway, I love her and it killed me to have to back out of being in the wedding at the last minute. I was just in really bad shape Friday and couldn’t have made it to the rehearsal. But luckily Brian, Isla and I DID make it to the wedding (Jack stayed home with a sitter- it’s much easier to wrangle a newborn).

The wedding was at the Petroleum Club downtown and it was GORGEOUS.

(No picture of the cake??? What is wrong with me?)

Jill & Bobby’s first dance:

Book Club Girls!

Isla girl- she only made it through 10 minutes of the ceremony and cried through probably half of the reception. Oh well. At least she looked cute.

Jill looked amazing… such a beautiful bride!

And our last shot, before heading home with grumpy girl. We look wiped out, huh? It’s been a long week.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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2 Responses to Wedding Bells

  1. Marie E. says:

    HEATHER! i am totally digging your hair right now! and isla’s headband and dress are super cute!

  2. Kira says:

    You look great!! hope you are feeling better!!

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