Stir Crazy

Let’s see… what did I do today? Couch. Bed. Couch. Bed. Couch. I haven’t been out of this house in two days and I’m going a little (a lot) stir crazy. Luckily Jack is AMAZING at entertaining himself. I crack up listening to him make his cars talk to each other:

Race car: “Can I have a popsicle?”

Van: “Not right now. We’re about to eat dinner.”

Race car (in super sad voice): “Awwwwww… ok.”

As in, the conversation that Jack and I have 250x every day.

I’m feeling a lot better but still not 100%. My mom has been coming over every day, which is a HUGE help. Today she brought Isla an activity mat. It has a working keyboard at the bottom that she smacks with her spazzy little newborn kicks. She LOVES it.

Unfortunately so does Jack. He keeps trying to wedge himself underneath there with her. It’s awkward.

My sweet friend Erin brought us dinner tonight: Cowboy Chicken! Jack was so excited to see his little buddy Clay. That poor kid needs a playdate ASAP. My mom is slightly concerned because he carries her cell phone around constantly with one of those apps open that just repeats whatever you say back to you… she thinks it’s his best friend.

These meals are saving my life! Seriously, no idea what I would do without them.

Isla and I have to be up early tomorrow. She has a hip sonogram at Children’s at 7:30- it’s standard practice for female breech babies, but our pediatrician has rotated Isla’s hips and thinks she’s just fine.

I’ve had my fill of hospitals for the next twenty or so years!!!! Enough already!

Oh, and in case you’re worried that I never let Jack have treats- check him out after he went to town on a chocolate cookie tonight.

Got something on your face there, buddy.

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One Response to Stir Crazy

  1. Katie says:

    We’ve been giving our mermaids swimming lessons during bath time.
    She cracks me up with her dialogue:
    “Ready to jump? 1…2…3…GO!”
    “Great Job kids!”
    “Thanks for coming to swimming lessons!”

    I’m going with “imagination” instead of “talks to self”.
    Glad you are feeling better!

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