Moving Day

It’s a big night. After 7+ weeks, tonight we’re going to try to move Isla into her crib. Up to now she’s been spending half the night on the nap nanny in the living room with Brian and the other half in the cosleeper in our room with me. But I think (hope) she’s ready to start getting into more of a routine- basically just going to bed before midnight and in her own room. So Brian and I are spending our evening prepping the nursery: Putting up the blackout shades, installing the 2nd video monitor, setting up the sound machine. Fingers crossed.

We had a really fun day! My friend Mary Anne is in town from Saint Louis so she and her kids, Jude and Helen, came over to play this morning. Jack was thrilled to have kids to play with- poor guy is getting as stir crazy as I am.

Jude and Jack are 6 months apart, so they play really well together. They played with trains, colored, put on a little concert with the piano and Jack’s drum. Isla slept through the whole thing.

Tonight we grabbed dinner at Zoe’s Kitchen. Jack went to TOWN on this hummus:

I had the Greek Chicken Pita.

So wish us luck tonight! Baby girl is growing up too fast.

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One Response to Moving Day

  1. Mary Anne says:

    We enjoyed hanging with you all!! Good luck with Isla – hope it is an easy transition to the crib!!

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