Pick A Winner

Oh, where do the weekends go? I know, I always say that.

We’ve had a great couple of days! Jack spent the night with my parents on Friday, so Brian and I tried to think of a good Jack-unfriendly restaurant. Our standby is sushi, but Blue Fish had a wait, so we ended up at La Calle Doce in Lakewood. Along with sushi and wine, I really miss ceviche when I’m pregnant. So that’s what I had… a big bowl of ceviche with corn tortillas. Yum.

Brian’s parents came into town on Saturday. Yesterday we took them to lunch at Good 2 Go Taco. I’m still shying away from fatty foods, so I ended up with the Yardbird salad- romaine, apples, cheddar, jicama, grilled chicken and bacon with vinaigrette.

That’s a lot of bacon, huh? I may have been better off with a taco.

Look what I spotted in the mirror on the way to lunch. Looks pretty proud of himself. In case you haven’t heard, toddlers are gross.

I’m having so much fun dressing Isla. She’s finally starting to fit into the 0-3 month outfits and we had a little fashion show this morning. Jack used to get so pissed off when I would change his clothes, but Isla just cooed and smiled.

Look at me! I’m FAAAAAABULOUS!

Snuggling with Nana.

For some reason Jack has been talking nonstop about Fuddrucker’s lately, so Brian’s parents took him there for dinner tonight. Our sweet friend Cheryl brought us dinner from Central Market on Friday and we hadn’t had a chance to eat it, so that worked out perfectly- Brian and I had grilled salmon pasta with artichokes & capers, Caesar salad and ciabatta.

I think my meal calendar ends this week so I’m actually going to have to start cooking again. What?? I’ve gotten seriously spoiled by all of these meals.

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