Check Up

This morning I took Isla Grace to her big 2 month check up. It’s a bummer because she’s so darn cheerful and happy, but I know what’s coming… the shots. Boo.

Is there anything more delicious than a nakey baby? I want to eat up her little arm rolls.

She was great for the doctor, cooing and talking to her. We’re up to 10 lbs, 5 oz now- she’s right at the 50th percentile for weight, height and head size. Very unlike her brother with his 95th percentile giant Niesman noggin.

The shots REALLY pissed her off (rightly so) and she was pretty grumpy & sleepy for the rest of the day. She took a 2 1/2 hour nap in her crib this afternoon, which was glorious because Jack was asleep at the same time, meaning I got to sneak in a nap, too. Possibly after watching Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Child. Oh my lord.

Tonight Brian had a work reception, so my parents came with us to dinner at Purple Cow. They were donating a portion of tonight’s proceeds to our early childhood PTA, so we wanted to support the cause… and eat french fries. First we stopped off at my parents’ house for a little grandparent fun (and a glass of wine for mama).

These two are trouble.

For being a very kid-focused restaurant, the Purple Cow has some decent adult choices, too. I’m obsessed with their BBQ vinaigrette dressing, and the turkey burgers are not bad at all (and cheap).

If banana pudding is on a menu, I cannot not order it.

There are like 572 things I want to do this weekend, but we’ll see how much actually gets crossed off the list. Catch you guys on Monday!

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  1. Mary Anne says:

    Isla looks so much like Jack in these pictures! And I saw a commercial yesterday for that show…”Oh my lord” were my thoughts exactly just seeing the commercial!!!

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