Oh wow, we had some CRAZY storms last night. Like constant lightning and super loud thunder. It’s a miracle that neither of the kids woke up, especially since Chloe was going nuts. Oh, and our power went out. When it came back on, it reset the sound machines in both Isla and Jack’s rooms- so instead of the white noise, it was chirping birds. SO LOUD. Our house sounded like a zoo. And they slept through the entire thing.

(Why does a sound machine even have a bird option? Who finds that relaxing? Not me. Birds are creepy.)

Tonight I made the baked creamy chicken taquitos from Annie’s Eats for dinner. I have a confession: The last time I made these I was just barely pregnant with Isla but not sharing the news with anyone yet. I had to write a fraudulent blog entry about how good they were, when really I couldn’t even look at them without wanting to barf. So Brian and Jack ate them all while I probably had popsicles for dinner. I’m sorry for lying to you.

But they really are good!

This time I had three. I love the cream cheese-tomatillo sauce-cilantro-chicken filling. Jack even ate them without any prompting.

On the side we had this Archer Farms cilantro lime rice (on sale for $2 at Target):

I like that they use basmati rice, though it would have been better with a little lime squeezed on top.

I got up and ran this morning. It was like 72 degrees and glorious, but between getting up at 6 to feed Isla and run, and being up with the damn dog all night, I’m pretty beat. Early bedtime tonight!

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