Million Dollar Pasta

We didn’t leave the house once today, which is weird and would normally drive me crazy- but these days it’s usually just easier to hang out at home. Isla is SO much happier when I’m not loading her in and out of the car, and honestly Jack could care less if we ever leave. He’s happy just pushing his trucks around the coffee table all day.

Anyway, this morning my friend Carolyn over with her son Caden so he and Jack could have a playdate. I’m kicking myself for not taking any pictures! Oh well, next time.

For dinner I made another Pinterest recipe: Million Dollar Spaghetti. I changed it up a little by using tiny whole wheat shell pasta (easier for Jack to manage), added chopped green peppers, used Morningstar Farms Crumbles instead of ground beef, and ricotta instead of cottage cheese. I also used light cream cheese and light sour cream.

It made a huge pan and turned out really well! Even Jack liked it.

Some Isla pics from today. Looks like we may have a thumbsucker (which means we need to start the braces fund ASAP… I speak from experience).

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. Helen says:

    Our son is almost 2 and never sucked his thumb, his paci choice was (still is) always a Nuk, but he pretty much only uses it for sleeping. When we went to his first dentist visit she said just by his face structure she can tell he will need braces – he looks like he has his dad’s mouth and my husband had braces and our son will have the same issue. So I’m not sure thumb sucking on its own, especially if it doesn’t go on for too long after they get all their teeth, could necessarily cause it.

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