Beer Me

Friday afternoon Lauren called to see what we were doing that night.

“Uhhhh, going to the mall to find shoes for Jack??”

(This is an EXCITING weekend prospect. And yes, I realize that is sad.)

She said she had a better idea and invited us to a tour of the Lakewood Brewing Company. The brewery doesn’t actually open for tours until the 25th, but Lauren & Robert won a private tour at an auction. So we secured our babysitters (thanks mom & dad!) and headed out.

It was so much fun! The brewery is actually in Garland, less than 10 minutes from our house. We walked in, sat down at the “bar” and were immediately served a cold glass of the Rock Ryder rye/wheat beer. Loved it.

We also tried the Hop Trapp, their IPA. I’m usually not a fan of IPA’s (too bitter!) but this one was actually really smooth.

Then came the actual tour. So interesting! We got a full run down of the beer-making process and even tasted the different malts.

Lauren actually ate a hop pellet. I wouldn’t recommend it.

We got a preview sip of the upcoming imperial milk stout, The Temptress. We actually tried the fermenting “wort”- so it wasn’t carbonated yet, but tasted kind of chocolatey.

Brian, wishing he were a brewmaster instead of a lawyer.

Afterward we went back to the bar area for more sampling. I’m not a huge beer fan at all but these were so easy to drink. I’m especially excited about their upcoming Punkel, pumpkin-spiced dunkel.

The whole group.

So much fun! So far this beer is only available on draft, so I’ll definitely be seeking it out.

Hope everyone had a fun weekend!

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  1. kelsey balch says:

    SO fun cant wait to try it!

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