I have this bad habit of forgetting to come up with side dishes for our dinners… meaning that we usually end up just throwing a steam bag of frozen broccoli in the microwave. It’s really kind of depressing. Thanks to Pinterest (how often do I say that??) I’ve found a few new healthy side dish options. Tonight I tried Baked Lemon & Thyme Mushrooms. Jack LOVES mushrooms. He got really excited when I told him what I was making and advised me to, “Take a picture of it, Mommy!”

(Poor kid- he thinks photographing food is normal.)

Target was out of fresh thyme so I used dried, but that’s really the only alteration I made. Honestly I didn’t feel like the thyme really added anything. Maybe using fresh makes a big difference? I did like the lemon zest & juice and might double it next time. Thumbs up to the parmesan, too.

For our main dish I threw some onions, carrots and red potatoes in the crock pot with a pork tenderloin. I was going for this recipe, one of our standbys, but was out of french onion soup mix. I tried to improvise by adding a fresh onion and using beef bouillon but it definitely wasn’t as good. Oh well.

One last picture. Jack snagged my lemon after I zested it and all of a sudden it was his new BFF. He actually asked me if he could watch TV with it.

Check out Isla cheesing it up in the corner.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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