Boys Are Gross

You guys should just go ahead and thank me now for not sharing the photos I took Friday afternoon. I put Jack down for a nap, but then after less than an hour heard him in there talking. Peeked at the monitor and he was sitting up in bed, so I went into his room… and there was POO EVERYWHERE. On the bed, on his stuffed animals, all over his legs. Like he had fingerpainted with it. It was horrifying. What do you even say to that? I expected to teach him not to push or steal toys, but not playing with your poop? That’s kind of a given. Or maybe not.

(And oh yeah, I definitely took some pictures.)

Needless to say we spent the rest of the afternoon in the tub.

Brian’s sister, Maggie, came into town this weekend from South Carolina and it was so much fun introducing her to Isla and getting to hang out. The weather was gorgeous so we headed to the Arboretum on Saturday.

It is SO HARD to get good pictures of Jack anymore. Despite his awkwardness here, he had a blast with Aunt Maggie.

Isla and I at the Arboretum. She’s sporting the super cute smocked bubble that Maggie brought her.

So the Pioneer Woman’s recipe for Monkey Bread keeps popping up on Pinterest and I’ve been dying to make it. It’s much easier than I thought- you just quarter biscuit dough, throw them in a bag with some cinnamon sugar, then layer the quarters in a bundt pan. Top with a mixture of butter and brown sugar and bake for about 30 minutes.

Mine was kind of a mess and I probably should have baked it longer. The base was really crispy but the top and interior were pretty doughy. It did taste good, though!

Oh okay- so I need help! A Trader Joe’s finally FINALLY opened nearby (it’s technically in Plano, but still) and I’m planning a trip this week. For those of you who are TJ’s pros, what should I buy??? We always ship stuff home from the TJ’s in South Carolina, but I haven’t really tried any of their perishables or wine… give me some advice! Any must haves?

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7 Responses to Boys Are Gross

  1. Steph says:

    First off, thanks for not sharing the photos….yikes! Ryan hasn’t “fingerpainted” yet. I say “yet” because I know he will at some point.

    OK moving on to food…..

    You’re going to love having a Trader Joe’s! Off the top of my head here are some of my favorite perishables:

    Refrigerated pizza dough
    Chicken Sausage
    Prechopped kale (in a bag with the lettuces)
    Turkey Corn Dogs (My son loves these)
    Puff Pastry (Freezer section, reasonably priced)

    I also love getting PB and Maple Syrup there. So reasonably priced! Oh, and tomato paste in a tube for only 99 cents!

    I could go on and on.

  2. Marie E. says:


    Here’s my staple tj’s list:
    apple chicken sausage (there are 6 diff flavors but i love this one!)
    prepackaged cooked chicken breast – great for salads & sammies
    the steam pack of: green beans and brussel sprouts
    peanut butter granola bars
    joe’s O’s cereal

    mushroom truffle flatbread (you can thank me later)
    chicken enchiladas
    edamame- SO CHEAP

    unsweetened coconut milk – tastes like summer in a box
    every single tea

    i’m dying to know their price points in dallas. obviously cost of living is different from LA so i want a full report!

    the tea tree oil conditioner is pretty good too! don’t waste your money on the Refresh line – its full of some gnarly ingredients!

  3. Valerie! says:

    I used to spend my high school summers as a lifeguard at our neighborhood pool. I happened upon the finger painting in the boys room while making the clean-up rounds. I was HORRIFIED. To this day, I say that no matter how bad my job gets, at least I’m no longer cleaning up fingerpaint poo.

    Sorry you had to endure it. At least he didn’t do it in public!

  4. Katie says:

    Stop it.
    I made this last week. I only should have used two cans. The point is to make sure the liquid covers all the dough. mine did NOT!

  5. Mary Anne says:

    Everything I have ever bought from Trader Joe’s has been great!! Though I see no one has yet mentioned our Trader Joe’s staple…Charles Shaw wine!! Tee hee hee!! For $3 you can’t beat it and from what Chad tells me the super cheap Name Tag beer is also okay.

  6. Kate p says:

    That last pic of Isla! She’s sooo gorgeous! And growing so fast!

  7. Valerie! says:

    I also forgot to do Trader Joe recs!!!!!

    My number one TJ rec is their spanish cheese trio and spanish meats trio. I set this out as apps for parties, along with jars of their garlic stuffed olives and marcona almonds, and it gets eaten in NO TIME. I also love their sopressetta (but I think I recall that you don’t eat pork?). They have a killer chianti sopressetta that I also like to put out at parties with the cheese. Amazing.

    Overall, their cheese selection is delicious and reasonably priced. You can’t go wrong there.

    The produce section is amazing (at least, it is here in ATL). They have heirloom cherry tomatoes that I LOVE and a big bag of arugula for $1.50. The produce can be hit or miss though….

    They have an amazing feta dressing that I always always get. Yummity.

    I definitely get staples here like olive oil, seasonings, nuts, beans, pasta, cooking wine (unless you want a headache, don’t buy the Two Buck Chuck to drink!), etc. I really love their frozen garlic naan. The cheesecake in the frozen section is fantastic, but I liked it better when the cheesecake was much smaller. There are also some flatbread pizzas that are yum.

    Their winter time coffee is amazing.

    A new favorite in our house is their Tea Tree Tingle line. We use the shampoo, conditioner, and body wash and LOVE IT. I also like their Tea Tree fash wash. They have a lemon kitchen hand soap that smells amazing too.

    All in all, as someone writes above, you can’t go from with TJ’s.

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