Southern Comfort

It’s 11:00 and I just got back from book club (we read The Snow Child this month). As usual, book club was awesome. We’ve had a long day. This morning Brian and I had to take Isla to Children’s at 7:30 for a hip sonogram so we were up early. It’s standard procedure for female breech babies- she actually had her first sono 6 weeks ago but one of her hip joints was still loose. This one was to make sure that they tightened up correctly (we won’t know the results for a few days).

Point being, it was an early morning. I also took Jack for a haircut after my mom threatened to cut his bangs herself. I can show you my 3rd grade pictures as evidence of why THAT is never happening. Just kidding, mom. I love you and my sweet mall bangs.

(I’m still not even sure that Jack knows that he got a haircut. He just stared at the TV the entire time like a little zombie toddler and then ran off to play with trains afterward.)

Cayla hosted book club tonight and made CHICKEN & WAFFLES. That might win the award for best book club dinner ever. Better yet, the fried chicken was from Sissy’s.

Also cheese grits and cheesy potatoes. Yes, that happened.

I brought a few Trader Joe’s goodies to try: olive hummus (Brian hates olives and I LOVE them), gorgonzola crackers, rice crackers and the Spanish cheese trio.

I’m going to go try and make Jack’s lunch for school tomorrow before I pass out on the keyboard. Night!

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