Little Dumpling

I was getting Isla ready for her bath tonight and tickled her little foot- and she laughed out loud!! It’s amazing the progress she’s made in just the past week. She can now bat at the toys on her bouncy seat, then today she just reached up and grabbed the glasses off of my mom’s face (and then repeated it several times). Luckily my phone was handy when she laughed tonight so I managed to get a video. She kind of grunts in the beginning but then really starts laughing towards the middle.

Brian had a poker night tonight so I tried to make dinner as quick an easy as possible. Once again, Trader Joe’s to the rescue!! This time the chicken and vegetable gyoza dumplings:

We had them with the TJ’s gyoza sauce, which was awesome, and kale chips and brown basmati rice.

I also zapped a batch of edamame and Jack went NUTS over them. I swear he’s had them before, but this time we did them in the shell and I think he thought that was cool.

Any fun weekend plans? We have MOPS tomorrow and then our PTA kickoff party on Saturday. It’s supposed to be cool this weekend, too, which I’m pretty excited about. C’mon fall!

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