Name Calling

I think today- at least this morning- was perfect weather-wise. I got up to run around 6:30 and it was only 57 degrees out. LOVE IT. We headed to the Arboretum at 10 and it was still around 65. Threw some jeggings on Isla and we were good to go.

We met my friend from W&L, Blair, at the Arboretum, along with her 2 year old son, Hatch. Jack and Hatch played wonderfully together… except that Jack insisted on calling him “Patrick.” The ENTIRE TIME. We corrected him every time he said it, too, but I guess he just thought he looked like a Patrick.

(Also, the only Patrick he knows is the waiter at Dixie Lakewood. You know, the one he invited home for popcorn? That Patrick looks nothing like this Patrick. Er, Hatch.)

He’s a crazy kid.

I have 2 new Trader Joe’s obsessions. This kale & spinach dip:

Only 30 calories per serving. My mom makes this tortilla roll-ups with spinach and the filling tastes just like this… except those are NOT 30 calories.


I’ve loved a Guiltless Gourmet black bean dip since college, but now I can’t find it anywhere. This tastes almost exactly like that, but better. It’s pretty spicy.

For dinner I just boiled some whole wheat macaroni and heated up our leftover pumpkin turkey chili. Add cheese + sour cream = chili mac!

Pan out…


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  1. Tammy says:

    hahaha. Love that sidewise glance/ Is she looking? I probably have that same look on my face when I am sneaking seconds or dessert or …

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