Moments and Milestones

Today I was lucky enough to attend Hallmark’s “Moments and Milestones” Dallas stop on their 4 city tour. When I received the invitation a couple of weeks ago, I was really excited because I LOVE picking out and receiving cards and was anxious to get a little insight into their creation. So this morning I actually put on makeup and real clothes (not stretchy pants) and headed to the Magnolia Hotel downtown.

I never realized how much actually goes in to the card creation process. They have stylists who arrange sets and recruit people for photo shoots, writers who brainstorm captions and “emotioneers” who identify social trends.


Speaking of emotion, the theme of the presentation was “Life is a special occasion” and centered around birthdays in particular. Hallmark surprised us with a video containing photos and blog clips from each of the attendees- including a blurb from my entry on Jack’s 2nd birthday. LORDY I was tearing up all over again.

One of the cool things about Hallmark is the emphasis on personalization. Today we got to see everything from recordable storybooks, to party plates customized with personal photos, to a new product- Text Bands- that allow you to trade messages with your friends.

Jack is obsessed with that bracelet now. I made it spell out “JACK” and he thinks it’s the coolest thing ever.

They also sent us home with an amazing goodie bag, including one of their Interactive Story Buddies. It’s a super soft stuffed bear that comes with a story book. As you’re reading, the bear interjects with comments on the story. It’s pretty darn cute.

And also one of the recordable storybooks. Jack already has a few of these from his grandparents in South Carolina and it’s so sweet that they can “read” him stories at night.

Such a fun morning and thanks to Hallmark for inviting me! Also, I have a special coupon code for blog readers to use on the Hallmark site. Just enter the code BLOG30 at checkout to receive a 30% discount. It’s not too early for holiday cards!! Or if you’re a slacker like me and don’t order Christmas cards until December 15th, you can also personalize greeting cards for just about ANY occasion with your own photos and messages.

(Oh, and I’ve decided that my new dream job is a greeting card writer. Coming up with captions to hilarious photos? DONE.)

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  1. Gia says:

    What a wonderful opportunity to be invited to come and see and hear all of this firsthand. This was very interesting! I have always loved Hallmark stores!

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