Big Night In

It’s 10:30 and I’m just now blogging because I had to watch the NJ Housewives finale. DRAMA. I can’t wait for the reunion show.

(On a side note: It’s not nearly as fun to watch when your husband sits next to you and points out that the producers most likely scripted every second. SHUT UP. LET ME HAVE MY HOUSEWIVES, DAMMIT.)

Anyway, great weekend! On Friday we headed over to my parents’ house for Laura’s birthday dinner. I didn’t snap any pics, but my mom made tilapia veracruzana, a family fave. On Saturday my mom and dad kidnapped hung out with Jack pretty much all day, so we ran a few errands with Isla. It feels weird doing stuff with just one kid now… like a million times easier (why did I ever think one was hard??) but definitely not as fun.

Saturday night we had this genius idea to get Jack & Isla down to bed early and then have a little wine & pizza date night in front of the TV. Except that at 10:30 we were still staring at this gal and had yet to even touch our dinner.

Oh well. Jack’s dinner was actually a huge success: Papa Murphy’s sells these really cute little kits so kids can assemble their own pizzas. Jack LOVED it. He was actually pretty good at spreading the sauce and sprinkling on the toppings.

And, BONUS, he was so excited about making his own pizza that he ate way more than usual.

And then finally we got to sit down to this:

A bottle of Cupcake Red Velvet (my fave) and Trader Joe’s Mushroom and Black Truffle Flatbread (thanks for the recommendation, Marie!). I loved the flatbread- the crust was chewy and perfect, and I love anything featuring truffles. My only complaint was the size; I could have easily eaten this all by myself. But with a big salad and wine (lots of wine) it was a nice little meal.

Okay I had a good healthy-ish dessert recipe to post, but this is getting long so I’ll post it tomorrow!! So now you have to come back to find out what it is! Mwahaha… all part of my evil plan.

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2 Responses to Big Night In

  1. Marie E. says:

    I have to stop myself from buying the whole stash of flatbread when I go to TJ’s! do you like potato salad? they have an amazing ready to eat potato salad in the salad/sammie section!

  2. Jenni says:

    I’ve wondered about those little pizza kits. So cute!!

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