My parents left for a trip today so they let us “borrow” their housekeeper, which is AWESOME. I used to clean the house while Jack was at school, but now that Isla’s here that doesn’t always work out so well. Anyway, I always feel like I’m in her way so Isla and I wandered around the mall and then met my friend Katherine for lunch at La Duni. Katherine and I used to work together at Ziglar and I miss seeing her sweet face every day. Isla recognized a fellow fashionista and loved her immediately.

I don’t really have anything exciting to post… I was all, “HELL NO we’re not messing up my clean kitchen!” so we grabbed dinner at Cedar’s. It’s amazing how Jack will turn his nose up at, like, peanut butter and jelly yet can put down his weight in hummus.

(I didn’t eat all of that, btw… Jack and I shared.)

Today I was changing Isla and she seemed so happy that I just let her hang out in her diaper for a while.

Aaaah, babies have it made. And YES, she does look so much like Jack as a baby. Check this out.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I can’t believe by my next post it will be OCTOBER… that means I can pull out the Halloween decor, right?

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