Southern Fried

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it yet in any of my “I Love Fall” gushes yet, but the Texas State Fair started last weekend! I love everything about the fair: The cute animals, the not-so-cute people watching, and most of all, THE FOOD. So I was beyond thrilled when I received an invitation to the Chevy After Dark event at the fair tonight.

My friend Jill was my hot date, and we started out by test driving a few of the 2013 model Chevys. With 2 kiddos, the beloved Prius is just not cutting it. I can’t buy groceries with the kids because the stroller takes up the entire trunk and the 2 carseats take up the backseat. (This is actually kind of convenient because they’re like little feral cats at the store anyway, screaming and grabbing things). I was excited to test drive a few bigger options.

I liked the Chevy Traverse a lot, especially the captain’s chairs + 3rd row option. Hi, Jill!

We rollin’

Jill actually has an Equinox and she pointed out that you can play your Pandora stations through the radio. I just loved this touchscreen- so cool (almost as cool as Smash Mouth).

And then I settled on this. Winner!

THEN it was time for the food. Actually, fair food and wine pairings- which is just genius if you ask me. Who wouldn’t pair champagne with a fried picnic on a stick (a chicken tender, tater tot and pickle, smooshed together, battered and fried)?

The “picnic” and the fried guacamole:

I really liked the fried guacamole. Don’t get me wrong- the texture is WEIRD. But still good.

Corn dog bites and buffalo chicken flapjacks:

They had special dipping sauces, too, to “elevate the experience”: syrup, ranch, honey mustard and BBQ. I’m kind of in a grease coma now, but it was worth it. The fair only comes once a year! Let’s just ignore the fact that we may visit it three times this year. Details, details.

So thanks, Chevy, for the awesome opportunity! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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2 Responses to Southern Fried

  1. Valerie! says:

    OMG, I only saw the fried guacamole on our way out last year and I almost cried. So jealous to know its good, even it its texturally interesting…

    I also made this the other night and thought of you: Asiago Cream Sauce Over Artichoke Ravioli

    Will went to TJ’s last week on his own and brought back several pastas. On Wednesday night, I found some leftover steak in the fridge, so we decided on that for dinner, plus something to pair with it as a side dish (we were doing sliced steak on salad). I settled on this since I had all the ingredients on hand. I used TJ’s rosemary asiago cheese, which I think really made it have an awesome flavor.

    This recipe made a TON of sauce (maybe use half a pint of cream instead of the whole thing), but I just re-used the leftovers last night on some prosciutto pasta he brought home (I swear we don’t eat pasta everyday!).

    Here’s the link:

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