Chili Night

Today we were supposed to meet my friend Katie and her daughter Olivia at the Arboretum, but by the time we showed up, the parking lot was full and they were shuttling in guests from a satellite lot. Um, no thanks. So we headed to the park instead- probably more fun for Jack anyway.

It was a pretty chilly morning (that turned into a gorgeous day) so before we headed out I threw this in the crockpot:

Chicken Quinoa Chili- recipe here. It’s one of those great slow cooker recipes where you don’t have to cook anything first. The veggies go in raw, and I even used frozen chicken breasts. So basically all the prep involves is chopping, measuring and can-opening. It’s also really healthy: quinoa, black beans (I drained & rinsed mine first), corn, tomatoes, green chiles and chicken. The quinoa really just thickens up the soup- by the time it’s done cooking, there’s not a lot of texture left. It’s VERY filling- lots o’ protein- and makes a whole lot of chili. Leftovers!

Served with sour cream and cheese:

We made a little after dinner trip to Monster Yogurt. Here’s Jack all hopped up on Jelly Belly’s + M&M’s + gummy worm’s + every other available topping. Nasty.

They have pumpkin yogurt!!! I had a taste (it’s really good!) but fell back on my usual tart flavor + granola.

Finally, look at my little chunky monkey sitting up in her Bumbo!! She’s so proud. (I know, I know- we need to order the safety strap.)

Don’t you just want to squeeze her??

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3 Responses to Chili Night

  1. Marie E. says:

    Isla looks so grown in her bumbo! what a big girl!

  2. gammypie says:

    She is adorable. She loves to smile.

  3. Rose says:

    I just made a very similar chili. It hit the spot! Hope all is well with you, Ms. Heather!

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