This was the first year that Jack was heavily involved in choosing his Halloween costume. A few weeks ago we sat down at the computer and pulled up the Pottery Barn Kids site. I showed him the fireman, superhero, shark…. but he was adamant about this one.

How freaking cute is that??? My little puppy dog.

On Saturday we had our Early Childhood PTA Halloween carnival. Jack had a blast because it involved his two favorite things: Sugar and bounce houses.

On Saturday night my parents watched the kids so that we could have a date night. We ended up at our favorite restaurant, The Grape. It was too dark for pics, but I had an amazing coffee crusted pork chop with chard and polenta. OH, and a pumpkin pie sundae for dessert. Ridiculous.

Tonight I didn’t get back from grocery shopping until after 7 so we needed something for dinner that would take basically no time to cook. Voila:

This was from the freezer case at Trader Joe’s. You just heat it up in a skillet- I added a splash of white wine and squeezed some lemon juice over the top.

Not bad, not great. Just okay. Probably won’t be buying this one again.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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