SO MANY THINGS to post. Here goes.

First, last night I made a low-fat slow cooker chicken spaghetti and Jack loved it. He normally doesn’t care for casserole-y things so this is major. I used a bag of grilled chicken breast strips from the freezer case at Trader Joe’s rather than the canned chicken, because the canned stuff skeeves me out.

Yeah, yeah, yeah- it uses a lot of processed ingredients (Cream of ___ soups and Velveeta!) but it’s straight comfort food.

My mom came over and watched Isla today so Jack and I could have a little date. We started off at the park and for some reason Jack would not put down this leaf.

He told me that the play area was his “book club.” HAHAHA.

Lunch at Chili’s.

I love that kid. Tonight we walked in the house after dinner and he goes, “Mommy, guess what time it is!!!


(Singing) “Time for stretchy paaaaaaaants!

Freaking hilarious. And RIGHT.

After a couple weeks of being SO close, Isla Grace rolled over tonight!! From back to belly. She was pretty proud… and shocked:

I apologize if we’re Facebook friends and you’ve already seen it, but this video right here is why I went to bed at 1am today. I watched it about 25 times. Bad lip reading from the first presidential debate = GENIUS. The best part is Jim Lehrer’s voice.

(If you get bored, watch the bad lip reading Twilight video, too. That cake was my most bestest creation.)

Finally, on a serious note, baby Addie goes in for her 2nd big surgery tomorrow so please, please send prayers and positive thoughts their way. You can read more on Camille & Scott’s blog, which they will be updating throughout the morning. Addie is an amazing, happy and strong little girl and I know she’s going to do great tomorrow.

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3 Responses to Stretchypants

  1. kelsey balch says:

    omg I laughed so hard when I watched the twilight one… like cried because I laughed so hard… bestest creation hahahaha gets me every time!

  2. Rose says:

    Your little boy is getting so big! What a cutie. Glad you had some nice mom-son time :)

  3. Joanna says:

    Baha! Stretchy pants! So good!! That’s exactly what time it is when we get home for the day/night. No shame.

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