Pumpkin Fail

As a parent, you always have this idyllic vision of the way certain events are going to go down… and it NEVER HAPPENS. Like tonight- I was so excited for Jack to help us with pumpkin carving. Last year I don’t think we even carved one, and the year before that he was too little to know what was going on. So Brian stopped on the way home from work and picked out the perfect pumpkin, we threw down some oilcloth in the living room and got started… and Jack wanted NO PART of that business.

Brian tried to get him to scrape out some of the seeds. His response? “Ew, no.

Oh well. Maybe next year.

Our house was pretty pitiful today. Jack is still fighting a terrible cough. I’m giving him Bendaryl (which he hates), spoonfuls of honey (which he loves) and some homeopathic kids’ cold medicine and nothing is helping. He’s in a great mood but sounds horrible, so I kept him home from school today.

And then there’s this little pumpkin:

So sad. The immunizations yesterday really took it out of her, poor thing. She’s been fighting a fever and sleeping most of the day.

Between our pumpkin project and the sick kiddos, Brian and I had the quickest, easiest dinner ever (and one that didn’t necessitate a trip to the store).

Trader Joe’s Quinoa Melange, along with shrimp. Simple, healthy and delish.

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3 Responses to Pumpkin Fail

  1. Kathy says:

    that sleeping angel picture just melts my heart … sorry she and Jack are not in top form tho :/

  2. Erin says:

    H! You almost made it an entire post without mentioning TJ’s! So close…

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