My mom and I hit up the Chi Omega Christmas Market tonight, and I pretty much freaked out when I saw that Accessories Auctions (my fave Facebook auction site) had a booth set up there with TONS of jewelry, scarves and bags. So to any of you Dallas gals, I highly recommend that you head up there this weekend!

Anyway, with all the (very necessary, obviously) shopping, there was no time for dinner, so I had this bowl of wonderfulness when I got home:

Trader Joe’s pumpkin Greek yogurt, frozen cherries, pomegranate arils and pumpkin granola. My personal version of breakfast for dinner.

I signed up to bring a dessert to MOPs tomorrow, and after combing Pinterest for the million amazing-sounding holiday baking options, I settled on these Milk Chocolate Chip Gingerbread Oreo Bars. That’s quite a mouthful.

I couldn’t find the gingerbread Oreos at Wal-Mart or Super Target, so I snagged these instead:

They turned out great! It’s an interesting assembly. A layer of gingerbread-chocolate chip cookie dough:

Topped with the gingerbread sandwich cookies:

Topped with more cookie dough:

And then baked:


SO GOOD. These babies are dense. It’s pretty much like eating 3 desserts at a time, though: chocolate chip cookie-gingerbread cookie-chocolate chip cookie. Totally worth it and definitely not difficult to make. The hardest part is getting that top layer of cookie dough pressed down and even. This would make a great Thanksgiving dessert!

Hope everyone has a fun weekend!

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